MapPER: Downloads

The MapPER method has been fully integrated within the MapSplice pipeline.
In order to obtain best results and most complete functionality, we highly recommand that the whole MapSplice pipeline is used.

We also provide executable files and source codes of MapPER here. Please be informed that we use an input format slightly different with SAM format for paired-end reads (See the reason). Please refer to user guide for instructions on using MapPER separately. We may provide a converter from standard SAM format to MapPER input in the future.


Tips before using:

1. Please make sure the chromosome names in chrName.txt are correct;

2. Please make sure the mean and sd of the distance distribution in setting.txt are correct;

3. Please make sure the sizes of arrays in setting.txt are large enough.


Source code and directory:

Latest version:

MapPER  v0.12 (8/18/2010)


Past versions

MapPER  v0.11 (7/26/2010)

MapPER  v0.10 (5/10/2010)