A Robust Method for Transcript Quantification with RNA-seq Data.
Yan Huang, Yin Hu, Corbin D. Jones, James N. MacLeod, Derek Chiang, Yufeng Liu, Jan F. Prins, and Jinze Liu
Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB). 2012. 

Recent News

05/05/2012: MultiSplice v0.10 is released. 


The advent of high throughput RNA-seq technology allows deep sampling of the transcriptome, making it possible to characterize both the diversity and the abundance of transcript isoforms. The software implemented a general linear framework for accurate transcript quantification using a set of new structural features: MultiSplices. Our software has several desirable features: 1. It utilizes all the information implied in the read alignment and alleviate the identifiability issues. 2. By solving the linear system using LASSO, it can achieve the most accurate set of dominantly expressed transcripts. 3. It is very efficient. For example, the analysis of the human transcriptome can be finished in less than one hour.